What happens if you have more than a single service?

How to present more than one service on your company page.

How do I include more than one service or product on my company page?

We allow for one page per company. This means that you should include all your products and services on that page.

The best way to do this is by selecting all relevant solution types and categories that best reflect all of your products and services. Additionally, you should provide us with all the tags that you believe people will be using as search keywords when looking for a solution that you offer.

Another  great tool to highlight your multiple products or services are the external links. External links appear on the left sidebar on your company page. You can provide us with a link for each product or service you offer so people can get directly to the right page on your website.

Is this option available for everyone?

Non sponsors can list their company for free but can select only one category and one solution type. Additionally, they can’t have any external links except for one link to their company’s home page.

Sponsors on the other hand can select multiple categories and solution types and have 3 (Silver) or 5 (Gold) external links.

If you are not a sponsor already make sure to read about our affordable sponsorship options and the benefits they include. Please email us at: info@sdnetindex.com for more information.