Benefits of sponsoring your page on the SDnet Index

While listing on the SDnet Index is free, you can get more out of it if you select our affordable Gold or Silver sponsorship levels. Basically, the benefits of sponsoring include both better visibility on home page and search results as well as more information sponsored company pages may include.

Detailed feature comparison can be found in the table below.

Basic Silver Gold
Company name
Company logo
Company URL ✔ (nofollow)
Categories 1 Multiple Multiple
Solution Type 1 Multiple Multiple
Advanced search tags 1 3 Multiple
Social links
Additional links 3 5
Content links 3
Featured on home page Randomly Always
Prioritized in search results
Featured in search results Randomly Always

Sponsorship pricing

Sponsorship pricing is simple and affordable.

Gold – 4500* USD per year

Silver – 2500* USD per year


Let’s explain a few of these benefits.

Company URL – nofollow

Company URL can be added to all listed company pages including those that are not sponsors but links of companies that are not sponsoring will include the nofollow attribute.

Nofollow is an HTML attribute that tells search engine robots not to follow the link when they crawl the website. The result of this is that the website we point to in the link with nofollow will not gain the SEO benefit resulting from the fact that SDnet Index links to it.

Gold and Silver sponsors will gain the SEO benefit from the fact SDnet Index links to it as we don’t include the nofollow attribute for sponsoring companies.

More visibility in natural search results

When someone searches for products or services on the SDnet Index, our search algorithm relates to the solution type and category the user selected as well as to the search text. The search text is compared with several elements in the company listing information one of which that has strong influence on search results is tags.

Sponsoring companies may have several solution types, categories and tags associated with their company page. Non sponsoring companies may have only one solution type, one category and up to 1 tag.

Always visible

Gold companies will always be visible on the SDnet Index home page and in search results as featured companies. Silver companies will be randomly visible in search results.

Non sponsoring companies will be visible in natural search results based on our search algorithm and content included in their company page.

External links

In addition to company website URL available for all companies including non sponsoring companies, sponsoring companies may include additional links to their website or other websites they choose to link to. This gives them more SEO value and the option to point users directly to external pages relevant for their offering.