Using tags effectively

The tags area is one of the most neglected part of the SDnet Index pages, which is quite a shame.

What are tags?

Tags are just a list of terms. This is a quick way to give a hint to the types of things people should becoming to you for when they search for things.

They are especially useful when the solution type or category just doesn’t give the resolution you need for your service, or when you’d like to provide a bit more information – but not in a way of a long form description.

The best thing about tags? They are part of the search function of the SDnet Index, so whatever you place in them gets into the search results.

Why do I need them?

Having tags on your page gives more information to the visitor. It will enable the person skimming through the page to discern faster if what you do is of value to him or not.

It also increases your visibility when people look for search words that are found in your tags.

How should I use them?

Think about the terms you want people to find you with and the things that make your solution stick out from the pack.

  • Have anywhere between 5 and 20 different tags for your page
  • Try to use longer tags, with 3 to 4 words in them

Got good examples for me?

Sure. Here are a few vendors in the index who make good use of tags:

How do I add them in?

Just email us at with the tags you wish to have for your page.

Please note that Gold sponsors may have many search tags while Silver sponsors may have up to 3 search tags and non sponsoring companies may have only 1 search tag.

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