About SDnet Index

The SD-WAN industry is still at its infancy but digital transformation and the requirements it introduces to enterprise networks leads it to a remarkable growth, expected to reach $8.05 billion in 2021.

The expected growth and market demand is fostering introduction of new companies built for SD-WAN from the ground up while also causing existing networking companies to shift their offering to SD-WAN. While the term SD-WAN is being used among these vendors and service providers, in reality, solution vary making it hard for enterprises to select the solution that most fits their needs.

That is where SDnet Index comes to play.

SDnet Index is an online, freely available director of SD-WAN vendors and services.

For those looking for tools and services related to SD-WAN, this should be the first place to go.

For companies that offer SD-WAN products or services, you should be listed here.

SDnet Index was created by Amir Zmora (TheNewDialTone, speaker on SD-WAN conferences) Tsahi Levent Levi (BlogGeek.me).

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