Hosted or on-premise?

We have been noticing that some of the vendors on the index don’t really select the correct option between Hosted and On-premise – at least not in a way that makes any sense to us.

Here’s a quick explanation of the difference between the two.


A hosted solution is a solution that you install, run and manage for your customer. This includes the server side which can be cloud aggregation GWs, management and monitoring.

On the CPE side, you may have your client running on a virtual machine or dedicated HW you provide to your customers (see HW or SW explanation). The important thing is that you manage the client updates for your customer. It doesn’t mean they have no control through configuration and making decisions on when SW is being updated on the clients in the enterprise but it is your responsibility, as the provider of the service, to make sure these upgrades take place, everything is in sync and that the service is running.


An on-premise solution is a solution that you sell to your customers as HW or SW which they manage themselves.

At the end of the day, the person in charge of running and maintaining the service is the customer – not you.


A vendor may offer both options – Hosted and On-premise. In such case, customers may purchase the product and install it on their premise or use it as a service.

If you run your own servers for the benefit of your customers, and have the option of having the service being installed, operated and maintained by customers who want such an option, then you do both.

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