Telco Systems

Telco Systems offers a full NFV solution called NFVTime.

NFVTime is an open and neutral full NFV service environment that allows telecom service providers and network integrators a smooth launch path to NFV services. With NFVTime, SPs will easily provide their customers multiple managed, on-demand, business services that scale and grow with their needs.

Operators can now choose any x86 hardware to deploy multiple, tested, preconfigured and automatically provisioned VNF’s, and start providing rich carrier grade services – fast and simple.

NFVTime suite components includes:

  • uCPE software and white-box solutions
  • MANO (Management and Orchestration) solutions
  • NFV Security , CyberGuard
  • Cloud access solutions

Main Features:

  • Avoid box stacking – Run multiple, carrier grade network functions on a single, x86 standard device
  • Short Time to service and to ROI – launch a service in few weeks. designed to run on low resource hardware and optimized MANO investment
  • Out of the box SD-WAN support
  • Future proof – Start now and add future carrier class services remotely, on the same x86 device – no additional hardware or customer premise visits, no track roll
  • Fully automated, Zero-touch provisioning – Avoid deployment complexity and maintenance costs with enhance integrated lifecycle management suite including zero-touch deployment and provisioning, backup & restore, resource management and more
  • Open and flexible software architecture, short time to adopt and deploy new innovative functionality.
  • Built for easy integration Flexible deployment models- support both local controller and centralize controller configuration. Standard open north bound interface
  • CyberGuard Security suite