flexiWAN is pioneering the Second Wave of SD-WAN through an Open Architecture SD-WAN Open Source that allows for 3rd party logic to be integrated into the core of the system. Being centrally managed, open architecture and open source, flexiWAN democratizes SD-WAN allowing enterprises and service providers manage and control their networks and the way data/traffic is handled

Looking to deploy SD-WAN or already have done so but concerned with the vendor lock and limited control derived from existing monolithic, vendor specific products and services? You came to the right place. The flexiWAN SD-WAN Open Source comes to solve these problems. flexiWAN leverages existing, state of the art, Open Source components combined with elements that were developed from scratch specifically for this project.

The result – a high quality, comprehensive SD-WAN Open Source that allows you to define your SD-WAN deployment strategy selecting anything from DIY to fully managed options that leverage flexiWAN.Through an open architecture open source strategy, flexiWAN creates a competitive landscape in which SD-WAN options based on flexiWAN are more cost effective and competitive than existing proprietary closed SD-WAN options.